Empire Urban Regeneration Program

There is a slight chance of death at the hands of rebels, but that is just the risk you have to take.

T-shirts available for Men, Women, Juniors and Kids, plus Women’s Tanks and Hoodies.

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“Promoting New Communities and Creating Jobs!”

But as Randal pointed out in Clerks, the first Death Star was manned by the Imperial army. The only people on board were Storm troopers, Dignitaries, Imperialists. So when they blew it up, no problem – evil’s punished.

The second time around it wasn’t even done being built yet. It was still under construction. A construction job of that magnitude would require a hell of lot more manpower than the Imperial army had to offer. I’ll bet they brought independent contractors in on that thing. Plumbers, aluminum siders, roofers.

In order to get it built quickly and quietly, they’d hire anybody that could do the job. You think the average Storm Trooper knows how to install a toilet main? All’s they know is killing and white uniforms. So, they bring in independent contractors.

All those innocent contractors brought in to do the job are killed, casualties of a war they had nothing to do with.

So whilst the Empire are promoting new communities and creating jobs, there is always the slight chance of death at the hands of left-wing militants.